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epitaph-records - 1984 CD
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  1. Loud and Proud
  2. Riot, Riot, Riot
  3. 1984
  4. The Boys
  5. Turncoat
  6. Lower East Side
  7. Hooligans
  8. Street Rock N Roll
  9. I Don’t Like You
  10. Kill For Cash
  11. Shot Stabbed and Fooled
  12. Janie Hawk
  13. New York City

After 2 continuous years of touring the band has finally stopped long enough to finish songs for there sophomore outing, 1984. “It has been a long and interesting journey for not only the band but myself” says ROGER MIRET. “It’s a very personal account of the past for me. Life stories. No bullshit, No gimmicks, Just reality“.