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epitaph-records - Return Of The Loving Dead CD
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  1. Nice Day For A Resurrection
  2. Who Killed The Cheerleader
  3. Nekronauts
  4. Subcultural Girl
  5. Gargoyles Over Copenhagen
  6. Trick Or Treat
  7. Murder For Breakfast
  8. RubberMonks And Leather Nuns
  9. Generation 666
  10. Return Of The Loving Dead
  11. I’m A Hellcat
  12. Haunted Cathouse
  13. Nekronomicon

Like an unholy combination of the Stray Cats and The Cramps infused with a deadly double shot of gothic punk-metal, Denmark’s Nekromantix rock your sorry ass with murderous energy, highly original writing style, and relentless swing. They manage to pull off clever songs with titles like “Murder for Breakfast,” “RubberMonks & LeatherNuns,” and “Nice Day for a Resurrection” without sounding stupid, and guitarist Peter Sandorff absolutely BURNS like the redheaded stepchild of Johnny Thunders, Cliff Gallup, and Billy Duffy. The schizophrenic stylistic switches-from balls-out punk to straight ahead rockabilly-serve to make “Return of the Loving Dead” an entertaining and engaging listen throughout. Definitely worth checking out. – Mike Baldino