Brought Back To Life CD


epitaph-records - Brought Back To Life CD
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  1. Intro
  2. Bloody Holiday
  3. Monster Movie Fan
  4. Driller Killer
  5. Jack The Stripper
  6. Horrorscope
  7. Reincarnated Love
  8. Back From The Grave
  9. Monster Metal
  10. Nekrofelia
  11. Dial 666
  12. Luni Lab
  13. Brought Back To Life
  14. Nekrofelia

This re-issue of Nekromantix hard to find 1994 release ‘Brought Back To Life’ contains not only a video of the band performing a cover of “Born To Be Alive“, but also an original intro intended for the album. This intro was on a mc tape that was tangled up in the tape machine and couldn’t be used, therefore a last minute intro had to be made for the original release.