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  1. Slave Labor
  2. I.H.G.I.
  3. Nothing Ever
  4. We‘re All Dead Men
  5. Hostage
  6. Better To Die
  7. Party’s Over
  8. Tomorrow Burns
  9. Disfigured
  10. Brave New Warriors
  11. Dropouts
  12. Someone’s Dream
  13. Dragons Teeth
  14. Idols
  15. Class Machine
  16. Spit At The Truth
  17. (I’m So) Empty
  18. You Owe Me
  19. Ruined
  20. Peer Pressure

In true So Cal style, recalling the days when Black Flag ruled the scene and gigs were dangerous, the self-titled Hellcat debut from Huntington Beach’s F-Minus delivers a barrage of boot-to-the-head, assaulting hardcore. Contains 20 tracks that are madder than hell, and refuses to take shit from anyone. Produced by Rancid frontman/Hellcat prez Tim Armstrong.