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  1. Push N’ Shove
  2. Tek Dat
  3. Dub Stone Third – Interlude
  4. Prison Of Love
  5. The Ronnie
  6. Day Dreamin’
  7. Comin’ On Strong
  8. You & I
  9. Beautiful
  10. Region
  11. The Sign
  12. Third Stone Dub – Interlude
  13. Spins
  14. Live On

Push ‘N Shove, Hepcat’s fourth album, was recorded in L.A. in 2000, but much of the time, it sounds like it could have been recorded in Kingston in the 1960s. Most of the music on this rewarding, if derivative, CD isn’t fast enough to be called ska; rather, many of the songs recall rock steady, an early form of reggae.