Jackass 3-D Soundtrack - CD


epitaph-records - Jackass 3-D Soundtrack - CD
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  1. Squeak E. Clean “Corona” (Jackass Opera Mix) 1:25
  2. Twisted Sister- “The Kids Are Back” 3:18
  3. Karen O- “If You‘re Gonna Be Dumb, You Gotta Be Tough” 3:28
  4. Weezer- “Memories” (featuring the cast of Jackass 3D) 3:18
  5. Roger Alan Wade- “Party in My Pants” 2:00
  6. Smut Peddlers- “Invisible Man” 2:37
  7. The Blasters- “I’m Shakin‘” 2:21
  8. Cock Sparrer- “I Got Your Number” 2:48
  9. Roger Miller- “You Can’t Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd” 1:55
  10. Sassafras- “Been Blown To Shreds” 3:10
  11. Melanie- “Brand New Key” 2:23
  12. Gang Green- “Alcohol” 2:12
  13. CKY- “Afterworld” 4:38

The crazy cast of Jackass is back again, this time in 3D! Bigger pranks, faster cars, and a killer soundtrack. Epitaph and Jackass bring you the ‘Jackass 3-D Soundtrack’ filled with 13 awesome new tracks from the likes of Weezer, Karen O, and CKY to name a few. Get on board and get pumped!