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epitaph-records - Orchestra Of Wolves - CD
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  1. Kill The Rhythm
  2. Come Friendly Bombs
  3. Abandon Ship
  4. In The Belly Of A Shark
  5. Six Years
  6. Rolling With The Punches
  7. Last Fight For The Living Dead
  8. Just Because You Sleep Next To Me Doesn’t Mean You Are Safe
  9. Will Someone Shoot That Fucking Snake
  10. Stay Cold
  11. I Promise This Won’t Hurt
  12. Orchestra Of Wolves
  13. Sick Of Feeling Sick
  14. Black Heart Queen
  15. Nervous Breakdown

England’s explosive hardcore punk quintet that came screeching out of Watford and never turned back. The debut album that takes the timeless punk rock of Black Flag and turns in the modern influences of bands like Suicide File and Hope Conspiracy, Gallows have defined a generation and opened the door for hardcore and punk in the UK.

“This furious hardcore debut will punch you in the ears.” – Kerrang!