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Deluxe Tracklisting
  1. Radiosurgery
  2. Anthem for the Unwanted
  3. Drill It In My Brain
  4. I’m Not the One
  5. Ready, Aim, Fire!
  6. Dumped
  7. Summer Fling, Don’t Mean a Thing
  8. Caught In The Act
  9. Memories and Battle Scars
  10. Trainwreck
  11. Map Of Your Body
  12. Separate Beds
  13. Over Again
  14. Sadness
  15. Blitzkrieg Bop

For the past fourteen years the Coral Spring, Florida, pop-punk act New Found Glory have transcended trends and gimmicks by writing songs from the heart that listeners of all ages can relate, including three gold records under their belts . The band’s latest studio album Radiosurgery sees New Found Glory continuing that journey while simultaneously paying homage to the bands that influenced them to pick up instruments as teenagers. From the Green Day-influenced opener “Radiosurgery� to melodic, upbeat anthems like “Ready, Aim, Fire!� the songs on Radiosurgery sound undeniably like New Found Glory but also have a timeless pop-punk feel that will invariably appeal to both veteran and new fans.


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