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epitaph-records - Idle Will Kill - CD
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  1. Patience
  2. Strangled
  3. Animal
  4. Contention
  5. Motionless
  6. Piece By Piece
  7. The Body
  8. Kinetic
  9. The Mistakes You Make
  10. Out Of Touch
  11. Back To You
  12. Disconnect, Disconnect
  13. Going On The Instincts
  14. Anchor

Bringing an all new sound to the punk scene, Osker apologizes for nothing and says just about everything. While Osker’s honesty and cynicism caused the band to be one of the most controversial and hated bands, they always pushed the definition of punk rock.

“It’s the same pop-punk in the vein of Dillinger Four (just replace the political songs with teenage angst ones) strewn with lyrics of wit, sarcasm, cynicism, anger, honesty, and sincerity- 4/5” Punknews