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epitaph-records - Hopeless Romantic - CD
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  1. Hopeless Romantic
  2. ‘87
  3. Kid
  4. Fight To Live
  5. Bullying The Jukebox
  6. You‘re So Rad
  7. Night On Earth
  8. Monday Morning Art Brigade
  9. Ole!
  10. Undeniable
  11. Wish Me Well (You Can Go To Hell)
  12. It’s Not The Heat, It’s The Humanity
  13. The Whole Thing

The Bouncing Souls 4th full-length album. Timeless punk anthems like the duet “Wish Me Well” and the title track-there’s not much more you can say about the boys from Jersey except that if you don’t like the Souls, you’ve got bad taste in life. Sorry.