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Pennywise – Full Circle (Remastered) CD

Full Circle is the emotional and pivotal album that followed shortly after the tragic death of founding member and bassist Jason Mathew Thirsk. With a re-done version of the punk classic Bro Hymn, and other Pennywise staples like “Fight Til You Die” and songs that call life, death and friendship into more dramatic reflection-this is Pennywise’s most personal album.

Special hidden piano instrumental of Unknown Road


  1. Fight Til You Die
  2. Date With Destiny
  3. Get A Life
  4. Society
  5. Final Day
  6. Broken
  7. Running Out Of Time
  8. You’ll Never Make It
  9. Every Time
  10. Nowhere Fast
  11. What If I
  12. Go Away
  13. Did You Really
  14. Bro Hymn Tribute