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epitaph-records - Music From Regions Beyond CD
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  1. Prelude: Signal Return
  2. Hotprowl
  3. Afterworld
  4. Forever Fades Away
  5. Ghosts of Memory
  6. LunaTone
  7. Pain
  8. As the Cold Rain Falls
  9. Hechizo de Amor
  10. Spring Forward
  11. Where the Moss Slowly Grows
    The 4th LP from Tiger Army. The review says it best: ”Music from Regions Beyond is about what you’d expect from Tiger Army four full-lengths into their career: tight, energetic psychobilly still revolving around tastefully and well-executed horror themes, while incorporating new styles and experimentation so as not to fall into a trap of predictability from album to album. Even the packaging is stylish and satisfying