III: Ghost Tigers Rise CD


epitaph-records - III: Ghost Tigers Rise CD
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  1. Prelude: Death of a Tiger
  2. Ghost Tigers Rise
  3. Wander Alone
  4. Santa Carla Twilight
  5. Ghostfire
  6. Rose of the Devil’s Garden
  7. Atomic
  8. What Happens?
  9. Through the Darkness
  10. The Long Road
  11. Calling
  12. Swift Silent Deadly
  13. Sea of Fire
  • The third album from Tiger Army finds the band adding catchy melodies to their somber, evil, punkabilly mix.
  • “Some operators in the genre get caught up in their own stylism—all that talk about ghouls and gore over slap bass and recast punk chording atrophies into one enormous (and enormously dull) song. But Tiger Army are different.“-All Music Guide