The Best In Town - CD


epitaph-records - The Best In Town - CD
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  1. Shut-the-Fuck-Uppercut
  2. Save Our Selves (The Warning)
  3. Top Of The World
  4. The Fire
  5. Children Of The Night
  6. Said And Done
  7. Silent (When We Speak)
  8. I Love Myself And I Wanna Live
  9. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things
  10. We‘re Going To Hell… So Bring The Sunblock

“Tighter than ever, the sextet up the ante with solid efforts and unrivalled energy. Sinking razor-sharp hooks deep into your skin, they pound out potential single after single, with growling attitude, slick melodies and punchy choruses.” Rock Sound Magazine.

  • The UK Sextet’s sophomore full-length.