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epitaph-records - Wood/Water - CD
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  1. Size Of Your Life
  2. Stop Playing Guitar
  3. Suffer Never
  4. Become One Anything One Time
  5. Wake Up April
  6. Get On The Floor
  7. Half Year Sun
  8. My Life Is At Home
  9. Letters To The Far Reaches
  10. Bread & Coffee
  11. Say Goodbye Good
  12. Feed The Night

One of the great indie rock bands-often mentioned alongside Sunny Day Real Estate and few others, Woodwater is a career-defining work that shuns category and mines the vein of classic song craft with genuine originality and flair. Produced by Stephen Street (The Smiths, Blur, The Cranberries), the rich arrangements and heart-felt vocal performances make “Woodwater” a necessary album in the band’s still renowned canon.