Shorter, Faster, Louder LP (Black)


jade-tree - Shorter, Faster, Louder LP (Black)
Vinyl ($17.99)

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Kid Dynamite – Shorter, Faster, Louder LP (Black)

Track list:

Side A

  1. Pits & Poisoned Apples
  2. Death And Taxes
  3. Cheap Shot Youth Anthem
  4. Copout
  5. Handy With The Tongue Sword
  6. Living Daylights
  7. Introduction To The Opposites
  8. Gate 68
  9. Troy’s Bucket

Side B

  1. Rufus Wants A Hug
  2. Got A Minute?
  3. The Penske File
  4. Rid Of The Losers, Bring On The Cruisers
  5. Three’s A Party
  6. S.O.S.
  7. Two For Flinching
  8. Birthday
  9. Give ‘Em The Ripped One

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