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Medicine show Hallucinations and broken heart promises to a vacant sky HOWL is the newest incarnation of singer songwriters Jason Cruz and Buddy Darling ( Strung Out and the Darlings ) . Along with Nick Dibiasi on drums and Chris Stein on bass HOWL is a new unique voice in a sea of white noise that sets out to lure the listener in and keep them close . With an American scope of love and war , tales of devils and saints , lonely roads and drunk saviors HOWL frames the modern world in a traditional soundscape and delivers its story to the smell of rottin beer and no name bars in the dark shifty part of town . Look for the band in a dive near you and their ep ‘Loungcore’ on the way .


  1. Blue Jesus
  2. Spahn Ranch
  3. When They Finally Get Me
  4. The Lonesome Grave Of Celia Browne