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strung-out - Twisted By Design CD
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Strung Out – Twisted By Design CD

Track listing:

  1. Too Close to See
  2. Exhumation of Virginia Madison
  3. Deville
  4. Mind of My Own
  5. Reason to Believe
  6. Crossroads
  7. Paperwalls
  8. Ice Burn
  9. Ultimate Devotion
  10. King Alvarez
  11. Asking for the World
  12. Tattoo
  13. Just Like Me
  14. Matchbook
  15. Barfly (bonus track)
  16. Ghost Town (bonus track)

Fully remastered and remixed for 2014 by Ryan Greene (NOFX, No Use For A Name, Lagwagon), helping to display the true power of these momentous songs along with nuances previously unheard!

With this album the band set out to expand on their trademark sound. Released in May of 1998, It was the last album that they would record with former bassist Jim Cherry. This album saw the band experiment with some new tempo’s such as with songs like “Mind Of My Own” and “Asking For The World” as well as keeping the speedy up beats with “Too Close To See” and “Virginia Madison.”