V/A - Love Oakland: A Benefit For Those Affected B


three-one-g - V/A - Love Oakland: A Benefit For Those Affected B
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V/A – Love Oakland: A Benefit For Those Affected By The Ghost Fire LP

On December 2, 2016, the Ghost Ship warehouse in Oakland was consumed in flames taking the lives of friends, siblings, parents, families, artists, and so much more. It was pure devastation, sheer loss. How does a reeling community hit reset? How do you restart? The reality is you can’t. But you can help. You can help in so many ways. Ed Taylor, who runs DIY-label Loose Grip Records, found a way through music.

I met Ed shortly after he moved out of Oakland and settled in Los Angeles last June. We hosted one of the first shows he put together here, at a warehouse venue that no longer puts on anything. We’ve always found a kindred spirit in Ed and appreciate what he does with his label Loose Grip Records. His last two compilation releases as part of the Press Play series are some of the best round-ups of contemporary West Coast punk rock out there, no question. That’s his specialty, and it’s because he cares…so much. Ed’s commitment to supporting the DIY community that surrounds him can’t be understated, and the community, especially in Oakland, was one that embraced him back during the year long stay he spent there, and still does today. Without that time, this compilation would probably not be here as fast as it arrived, or even at all. The DIY community is still reeling in the Bay Area, while also taking one of the biggest hits in terms of displacing artists and artist spaces since the fire. One week after the fire, he rallied a group of friends, called in favors, and partnered with the Oakland Family Fund to make a compilation of artists, not just from Oakland, but from all over the world. The contributions on this record come directly from John Dwyer, King Khan (and his daughter Saba Lou), Justin Pearson, Nick Zinner, Scraper, Tony Molina, and many more.

Love Oakland comes out tomorrow, July 28th, on vinyl (an edition of 1000) and as a digital release through Loose Grip Records and Danger Collective Records, with proceeds going to the Oakland Family Fund. We met up with Ed last week to talk about how the comp came about, the DIY community’s involvement, and all the love that went into it.

Track listing:

  1. Damaged Bug – Anchorite Showdown
  2. Planet B – Never Let Me Down Again
  3. Nopes – Shedding
  4. Naked Lights – Hyde
  5. Scraper – Lookin’ for Pain
  6. HGS - Mopey Monster / Klown March
  7. Saba Lou – Love Letter Full of Promises
  8. New Faultlines – Mendocino
  9. Tony Molina – Fluff
  10. King Khan – The Mourning Song
  11. Silver Shadows – You Were Right (Part Time Punks Session)
  12. Jaime Paul Lamb – When I’m Gone