Heaven's Pregnant Teens CD


three-one-g - Heaven's Pregnant Teens CD
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Some Girls – Heaven’s Pregnant Teens CD

You don’t get much more punk rock supergroup than a lineage that includes members of the Swing Kids, Unbroken, American Nightmare, Das Oath, Charles Bronson and The Locust. On their debut album, Heaven’s Pregnant Teens is a document of five twisted musical minds making the most gloriously deranged noise producer Alex Newport (At The Drive In, The Locust, Sepultura) could commit to tape.

Track list:

  1. Beautiful Rune
  2. Hot Piss
  3. Dead In A Web
  4. Warm Milk
  5. You’ll Be Happier With Lower Standards
  6. Ex Nuns/Dead Dogs
  7. Totally Pregnant Teens
  8. Bone Metal
  9. Marry Mortuary
  10. Religion II
  11. Skull’s Old Girlfriends
  12. Retard And Feathered