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Festival Of Dead Deer - The Many Faces Of.. CD


three-one-g - Festival Of Dead Deer - The Many Faces Of.. CD
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Los Angeles’ The Festival of Dead Deer flamed bright and hot, ultimately burning out as quickly as they appeared. Fortunately this document here came to light just after the band was pronounced D.O.A. This LP/ CD here consists of highlights from a live set on LA’s KXLU. The drummer of the Dead Deer, Chris Hathwell, later was a founding member of Moving Units and Ground Unicorn Horn. Guitarist, Mike Crain, later went onto start Kill The Capulets and Retox. The CD version of this album has bonus tracks from the split 7″ EP with The Crimson Curse.


  1. Before Narcolepsy
  2. Hunting
  3. Limited Edition Of Zero
  4. Inner Planetary Reasoning
  5. What Makes Sense
  6. Basura Blanca
  7. My Name’s Explicit
  8. A Controlled Response
  9. In Fifty Words Or Less
  10. Episodes
  11. Rated Are
  12. The Coming Of Going