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Are You Ready For An Organ Solo CD


three-one-g - Are You Ready For An Organ Solo CD
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Here you have it, another New Orleans classic: QUINTRON, Are You Ready for an Organ Solo? (The 7th full length release). What more could you ask for from this mysterious enigmatic artist QUINTRON brings it all together here with soulful organ solos, a little space echo and some bad ass electro scratching on a patented instrument of his own invention called The Drum Buddy. Lets not forget Miss Pussycat who plays maracas, sings back up, and takes the lead on Cave Formations. This is by far the most cohesive and well recorded (c/o Tim Kerrs) barrage of Q and P dance music to date. Dont ask us to compare, because QUINTRON is truly an entity of his own.

Track listing:

  1. Place Unknown
  2. Mud Bugs (Diamond Rex)
  3. Teenage Antoinette (For Ms. K-Doe)
  4. Miniature Breakdown
  5. I’m Not Busy
  6. Cave Formation
  7. The Beach
  8. Underwater Dance Club
  9. Organ Solo