Get Hustle - Rollin In The Ruins CD


three-one-g - Get Hustle - Rollin In The Ruins CD
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Get Hustle will put you on your knees, turn you over and turn you out. And Just when weary old life and weary old music seems to be so hopeless, there comes along an album so powerful and prosperous like “Rollin’ in the Ruinsâ€?. The Get Hustle have existed for nine years and have consistently made albums that amaze. Records including the “I’ve Got a Gun and I’m Excitedâ€? 7″ single (GSL) and “Now We’re All Goneâ€? 12″ EP (GSL), the “Earth Odysseyâ€? CD (5RC), the single “Who Do you Loveâ€? b/w “Mad Powerâ€? (Gravity), and the bands Three One G debut 12″ EP, “Dream Eagleâ€?. Now, “Rollin’ In the Ruinsâ€? is here. So intense, so explicit, and so far ahead of its time, a miraculous continuance of the chronicle that is Get Hustle.

Track Listing:

1. Black Stallion Medallion

2. Revolution Van

3. Brothers & Others

4. W.S.T.P.

5. Don Quixote & I