Geronimo / Bastard Noise LP - Pink


three-one-g - Geronimo / Bastard Noise LP - Pink
LP - Pink ($19.98)

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The concept of acceleration can have lasting and deadly consequences… When “Indians and skulls” collide and the fear to change is assassinated, new worlds are born to the ancient brave. Continuous movement on all levels is everything to sound exploration and the Indian warrior and skull were united in deciding to combine their creative visions of world demise and “civilized” human blunders into a collective, analogous infestation of force. There is within these grooves, a failure to heed to submission, mediocrity, and to the general, pathetic desire to turn oneself willingly into drone fertilizer for the HUGO BOSSES of the world. This is the celebration of sound, revolt and despair all impelled by the ruthlessness and perpetual nature of inertia” – Bastard Noise/Geronimo 2013

The Bastard Noise/ Geronimo split 12” is pressed on limited edition color vinyl and comes with a download card. Not only that, but the Bastard Noise material on this album features Jonas Rosen of Asterisk*.

Trask listing:Bastard Noise

  1. Red Elephant
  2. Reduced to Dry Weight


  1. Voice of the Satellite
  2. Western Exterminator