Sensitizer LP (White)


three-one-g - Sensitizer LP (White)
LP - White ($13.99)

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A collision of drums, guitars and vocals landing between hyper speed punk distortion and fused metal perplexity.

Balancing between chaotic spasms of ripping momentums and the density of heavier numbers, Sensitizer is the band’s first LP as a duo, an experiment in totality, a joyride of ecstatic excess.

Track List

  1. Nipplesin
  2. Legacide
  3. Carbon Date-Rape
  4. Freestrator
  5. Deaf Ignition
  6. Woodcloth
  7. Eyewound
  8. Slumber Attendant
  9. Hell’s Angles
  10. Celestial Blackeye
  11. Axed And Relaxed
  12. Hollow Cost
  13. Vanity Crest
  14. Undressed To Kill
  15. Spray For Salvation
  16. Listen Silent
  17. Hidden Ashes