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Tom Waits by Matt Mahurin Book

A collection of portraits of musician Tom Waits, the result of a 30-year collaboration with photographer and illustrator Matt Mahuri.

This visually arresting book is a testament to the chemistry, going back three decades, between the photographer and illustrator Matt Mahurin and the musician. Waits has collaborated for decades with noted photographers Anton Corbijn, JB Mondino and Jesse Dylan and each and every artist produces their own vision and version of Waits. Mahurin brings out the surreal fantasia of Waits and his music as evidenced in his rural gothic sepia-photos for the album, ” Mule Variations” and the dreamy blue haze of the “Alice” album artwork.

Having shot magazine portraits, album covers, and music videos of Waits, Mahurin was inspired to resurrect 100 dormant film negatives as a jumping off point to explore his own surreal, poetic, and occasionally dark vision. The images vary from traditional portraits to ones that capture Waits in concert – but the majority are richly imagined scenes in which Waits is more muse than musician. In addition to the diverse images, the book includes a foreword by Waits, an essay by Mahurin on their longtime collaboration, and 20 original paintings, drawings, photographs, and digital images inspired by Waits’s song titles.

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Hardcover with jacket

240 pages

Dimensions – 12” x 12”

175 color photographs