Extreme Aggression 2xCD


valhalla - Extreme Aggression 2xCD
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Kreator – Extreme Aggression 2xCD

The 2xCD reissue of the 4th studio album from Kreator. Originally released in 1989, this album was the band’s first real introductory to the American metal fans due to the heavy rotation of the “Betrayer” music video on Headbanger’s Ball. This album quickly became the band’s best selling which lead to a tour with Suicidal Tendencies. This version contains live recordings of a show in Berlin in 1990.

Track List

CD 1

  1. Extreme Aggression
  2. No Reason to Exist
  3. Love Us or Hate Us
  4. Stream of Consciousness
  5. Some Pain Will Last
  6. Betrayer
  7. Don’t Trust
  8. Bringer of Torture
  9. Fatal Energy

CD 2

  1. Some Pain Will Last*
  2. Extreme Aggression*
  3. Under the Guillotine*
  4. Toxic Trace*
  5. Bringer of Torture*
  6. Pleasure to Kill*
  7. Flag of Hate*
  8. Terrible Certainty*
  9. Riot of Violence*
  10. Love Us of Hate Us*
  11. Behind the Mirror*
  12. Betrayer*
  13. Awakening of the Gods*
  14. Tormentor*

*Live in east Berlin 1990