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valhalla - Dying Alive 2CD
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Kreator – Dying Alive 2CD

Recorded at the band’s sold out homecoming show in Oberhausen, Germany on December 22, 2012 after an extensive 45 days European tour in support of their highly successful album “Phantom Antichrist”, Nuclear Blast is excited to release the live cd “Dying Alive”! This 2-disc live album includes the audio recording of the show with 20 tracks spanning Kreator’s entire career!

CD I: CD I: Live In Oberhausen 22.12.2012

  1. Intro: Mars Mantra
  2. Phantom Antichrist
  3. From Flood Into Fire
  4. Enemy Of God
  5. Phobia
  6. Hordes Of Chaos
  7. Civilisation Collapse
  8. Voices Of The Dead
  9. Extreme Aggression
  10. People Of The Lie
  11. Death To The World
  12. Coma Of Souls (Intro)
  13. Endless Pain
  14. Pleasure To Kill

CD II: Live In Oberhausen + Bonus

  1. Intro II - The Patriarch
  2. Violent Revolution
  3. United In Hate
  4. Betrayer
  5. Flag Of Hate / Tormentor

Live Bonus Tracks

  1. Intro: The Pestilence
  2. Amok Run
  3. Demon Prince
  4. When The Sun Burns Red
  5. Warcurse