Endless Pain 2xLP (Black) + Endless Pain T-Shirt (White) Bundle

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valhalla - Endless Pain 2xLP (Black) + Endless Pain T-Shirt (White) Bundle
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This bundle includes:

– Kreator “Endless Pain” 2xLP (Black)

– Kreator Endless Pain T-Shirt (White)

The debut album that was originally released in 1985 and is now reissues on double LP. This contains the band’s original demos when they were called Torment, Blitzkrieg (1983) and End of the World (1984). Remastered by Andy pearce and overseen by Mille Petrozza. Newly created art and packaging that feature rare photos and liner notes.

Track List

Side A

  1. Endless Pain
  2. Total Death
  3. Storm of the Beast
  4. Tormentor
  5. Son of Evil

Side B

  1. Flag of Hate
  2. Cry War
  3. Bonebreaker
  4. Living in Fear
  5. Dying Victims

Side C

  1. Satan’s Day*
  2. Messenger From Burning Hell*
  3. Armies of Hell**

Side D

  1. Tormentor**
  2. Cry War**
  3. Bonebreaker**
  • Blitzkrieg Demo
  • ** End of the World Demo

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