Shame, Shame - LP & Deluxe DL


Dr. Dog - Shame, Shame - LP & Deluxe DL
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  1. Stranger 3:43
  2. Shadow People 4:13
  3. Station 3:11
  4. Unbearable Why 3:11
  5. Where’d All the Time Go? 3:52
  6. Later 3:07
  7. I Only Wear Blue 3:42
  8. Someday 3:21
  9. Mirror, Mirror 2:48
  10. Jackie Wants a Black Eye 3:03
  11. Shame, Shame 5:14


  1. It (deluxe) – 3:51
  2. What A Strange Day (deluxe) – 3:02
  3. Oh Man (deluxe) – 3:51

Order Dr. Dog’s new LP ‘Shame, Shame’ on the rarest vinyl variant available with either the regular or deluxe DL of the album.

Dr. Dog will release their Anti- Records debut, Shame, Shame. As a band that has traditionally built their spirited albums layer by layer in the undisturbed seclusion of their Philadelphia home studio, Dr. Dog realized that they would need to face the challenge of working in a professional studio and enlist the help of an outside producer (Rob Schnapf) if they were to continue their album-by-album evolutionary growth. The end result is the band’s most openly autobiographical release to date and peels back the layers of strings and horns of past albums to emphasize the raw immediacy of a tight unit honing their craft.


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