Unchained Spirit LP


anti-records - Unchained Spirit LP
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  1. Intro
  2. 23rd Psalm
  3. Voice Of Jah
  4. Sudan
  5. We’ll Be Alright
  6. Pull It Up
  7. Life Is A Journey
  8. Better Must Come
  9. Mighty Dread
  10. Poor Old Man
  11. Law And Order
  12. Guns And Bombs
  13. Women Dem Phat
  14. No More Misty Days
  15. Pull It Up (Live In Concert)
  16. Reunion

Over the last ten years, the name Buju Banton has become synonymous with modern reggae. Having metamorphosed from a brash teenage phenomenon into a self assured deejay and singer, Buju’s fusion of traditional roots rock, contemporary R&B and dancehall DJ‘ing have earned him a prophet like status in his Jamaican homeland.

Unchained Spirit demostrates Buju’s unfettered devotion to his craft by extending his trademark toasting skills into the realms of rock steady, ska, gospel, African highlife and American soul. Among the bevy of guests featured on Unchained Spirit is fellow raga sensation Luciano, Sunsplash luminary Morgan Heritage and punk rock compadres Rancid.

“Banton’s vocal ability is filled with depth and soulful texture that invite the listener to accompany him on his spiritual journey. His music speaks to enlightenment and wisdom and appeals to peace and positivity. Banton is the rare contemporary artist who uses his medium to uplift with messages of love, peace, and justice. The chorus from “Pull It Up” encapsulates this listening experience: “Pull up da vibes that you‘re playing/Can you play some more?” Yes Banton, please play some more.“- All Music Guide