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anti-records - Springtime Can Kill You - CD
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  1. Crush In The Ghetto
  2. Mehitibell’s Blues
  3. Springtime Can Kill You
  4. Crazy Dreams
  5. You‘re Not Satisfied
  6. Stubborn Beast
  7. Don’t Tell ‘Em
  8. Moonshiner
  9. Ghostly Girl
  10. Nothing Left To Do But Dream
  11. Adieu False Heart
  12. Mexican Blue

Jolie Holland’s second studio album, Springtime Can Kill You is a 12 track song-cycle – a crossroads where haunting meets joyful – a voice from the heavens singing stories of the underworld. Holland’s songs rise and fall like heavy eyelids and convey the peace of that place between asleep and awake, creating a special place for you to be. There sounds from past and present-tense waltz together to a never-ending melody that flickers between folk, jazz, blues and pop. Holland’s lyrics conjure characters and situations one might find in the surrealistic celluloid of Jim Jarmusch. As with all good dreams, there is an anything-goes spirit leading the way.

“That exquisitely strange voice — part Billie Holiday, part tipsy gypsy in a Czech beer bar — becomes a garden of vinelike phrases and oozing vowels and birdlike whistles. And her band breathes along like a ventilator with brushed drums, pump organ, lap steel, and horns. Proof folk music shouldn’t just conjure the past, but also sit down and have a drink with it in the present. A” – Entertainment Weekly

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