Yours Truly, The Commuter - CD


anti-records - Yours Truly, The Commuter - CD
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  1. Yours Truly, the Commuter
  2. Brand New Sun
  3. Ghost of My Old Dog
  4. I Am Lost (And the Moment Cannot Last)
  5. Birds Encouraged Him
  6. It’s the Weekend
  7. Furget It
  8. This Song Is the Mute Button
  9. Rollin’ Home Alone
  10. You‘re Too Gone
  11. Flying Thru Canyons
  12. Here for Good

Two years after Grandaddy’s quiet demise, Jason Lytle returns with Yours Truly, The Commuter. Immaculately crafted pop soundscapes mirror both the dramatic environment of Lytle’s newly-adopted Montana and the vintage twang of Central California farmland that provided the backdrop to all Lytle’s earlier work. Electronic flourishes collide with acoustic guitars and soulful piano parts, recreating Lytle’s signature lo-fi-electro atmospheres. The space-fuzz rocking of “It’s the Weekendâ€? is balanced by the beautiful heartbreak of “Rollin’ Home Alone,â€? and the opening lines of the first song “_Yours Truly, The Commuter_” poignantly capture the past few years of Jason Lytle’s life, and his shining future as a solo artist: “I may be limping, but I’m coming homeâ€?

“_Yours Truly, The Commuter_ sounds an awful lot like a Grandaddy album—not just another Grandaddy album, though, but a really good one, the best since Sumday. “- Pitchfork

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