Scatter the Rats Photo Tee (Natural)

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l7 - Scatter the Rats Photo Tee (Natural)
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Many of you have been incredibly kind and wondering how you can help us with the fulfillment that we have committed to on this Pledge Music debacle.

(See our Post from Facebook)

We are so touched by your concern and empathy. We do not feel comfortable with what many of you have suggested (a Go Fund Me ) or other charitable fund raising site. Those who need those sites are in far more dire straits than we are. However, if you would like to help us fulfill our commitment to our fans with the very expensive shipping fees of the vinyl’s and CDs of our new album, SCATTER THE RATS, we have a stylish way for you to help us out and display a middle finger to the Pledge Music rats.

Behold our limited run of this SCATTER THE RATS T-shirt which all proceeds will go towards our Pledge Music shipping commitment.

It’s really the only thing we can come up with that we feel comfortable with. So, if you want to contribute, or just look like a bad ass mo fo, you can order the shirt HERE.

LIMITED RUN: SCATTER THE RATS on Natural, 100% cotton Tee

You are amazing. THANK YOU for YOUR SUPPORT.

Who loves you, baby? We do.