Failed States Remastered LP (Black)


Propagandhi - Failed States Remastered LP (Black)
Vinyl ($17.99)

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Propagandhi – Failed States Remastered LP (Black)

This LP has been remastered by Jason Livermore.

Whoa, what? Propagandhi is on Epitaph? Not only that, but on their sixth full-length, the Winnipeg thrash masters have turned up the riffs, the technicality, and the speed with total disregard for genres. Part metal, part punk, part hardcore- “Failed States” is easily the angriest, most vitriolic album in their unfuckwithable career, and that says something.

Side A

  1. Note to Self
  2. Failed States
  3. Devil’s Creek
  4. Rattan Cane
  5. Hadron Collision
  6. Status Update
  7. Cognitive Suicide

Side B

  1. Things I Like
  2. Unscripted Moment
  3. Dark Matters
  4. Lotus Gait
  5. Duplicate Keys Icaro (An Interim Report)

This item includes a full album download including 3 additional bonus songs that are not on the LP. You will be emailed a download link shortly after purchase.

  1. The Fucking Rich Fuck the Poor
  2. The Days You Hate Yourself
  3. Failed States (Experimental Prototype)